January 6, 2019

How to identify the quality of RFID silicone bracelet ?

Silicone bracelet is a pure natural solid silicone rubber, made by pressing the hydraulic press. The silicone bracelet has a lot of advantages: long service life, wear resistence, high temperature resistence, non-toxic, tasteless, non-cracking ,with a certain tension resitance.

This silicone bracelet is a very good green environmental protection jewelry.

But how to identify the quality of a product, the material identification in the silicone industry is different.

We can use the following points to identify the quality when buying silicone bracelets!

  1. Smell,you can cut the silicone bracelet a little bit with fire, the burning edge of really silicone bracelet is white, and the burning residue is powder. The fake silicone bracelet is black after the fire, burning on flame, black smoke, with a stench.
  2. Look at the product, see if there are any dirty things in the silicone bracelet product, or the color is slightly deviated, see if the box is complete, whether there is any printing error, whether the diameter of the bracelet is regular, whether the “thickness” is consistent, the bracelet Whether there are extra gels on the edges. Generally, high-quality silicone products do not have burrs or rough, and the surface is very smooth.
  3. Touch the product, a high-quality silicone bracelet product surface is very smooth, there will be no rough, then the main difference is the hand feeling, the quality silicone bracelet looks uniform, the hand feels smooth and tender, the toughness and elasticity are very good, it is not easy to be permanently deformed by external force. The fake silicone product is easily deformed without reduction. Since the surface of the fake silicone bracelet does not have a layer of grease-like substance, it will be rough to the touch. Secondly, if there is a embossed colored word or LOGO on the rubber bracelet, the letter or LOGO can be buckled. If the letter or LOGO has a buckle, then the product is likely to be a fake silicone product.

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